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July 2022

Social Media Marketing for Your Insurance Business

Social media has the power to reach hundreds or thousands of potential insurance customers and also reinforces the good decision your current customers made to buy products from you. An added benefit is that using social media doesn't cost a ton of time or money.

June 2022

Five Reasons to Automate Submissions

Application intake for new business submissions is a central process of the insurance business. This process should be easy and scalable so that underwriters can quickly evaluate and assess risk exposure to help their broker clients write more profitable business.

May 2022

Thoughts From an Industry Icon

Today the world is defined by the term ‘Information Age.’ All businesses, both large and small, require effective and efficient business communication solutions. They must have relevant and trusted methods for communicating their unique value proposition.

April 2022

Is DIY Insurance Software Right for You?

An emerging trend gaining traction in the insurance industry is the use of low-code/no-code development platforms to build applications for insurance businesses. While there are some distinctions between the two, for the purpose of this blog, low-code/no-code will be considered as one entity.

March 2022

Finding Cyber Coverage as Claims Explode

As a technology provider to the insurance industry, we learn from our clients who write cyber insurance policies. Along with the cost for cyber insurance trending upward, stricter underwriting requirements have come into play. In this blog we share ideas to save on cyber coverage and be better prepared against a cyberattack.

February 2022

Integrating Disparate Products Together for Success

It is impossible to find a one-stop-shop for MGAs that supports all your automation needs for marketing your programs, quoting your business, handling accounting, generating invoices and commissions, monitoring claims and managing your vital documents. This means you are often required to have unrelated software applications work together seamlessly.

January 2022

The 6 Benefits of Industry Associations

After a long COVID-19 hibernation, attending the TMPAA Summit, InsureTech Connect and WSIA Annual Marketplace meetings last year was especially energizing. There are numerous advantages to belonging to and being involved with an insurance industry association that add value to our industry.

December 2021

A Brighter Year Ahead – 7 Predictions for 2022

Writing a blog with predictions for the future is about as risky as sky diving without a parachute. Who could have predicted that 2021 would still have multiple cities and countries across the world grappling with COVID-19?

November 2021

Are You Ready for Insurance Management System (IMS)?

Introducing a policy administration system to your organization is meant to make your life easier and worry-free. You’ll soon enjoy a more streamlined process for end-to-end policy lifecycle management as you get products to market and start generating revenue.

October 2021

American Specialty Relies on NetRate for Fast and Efficient Rating

We spoke with our client Drew Smith, who has 60 teammates in Fort Wayne, Indiana working in sales, accounting, IT, underwriting and claims. American Specialty was established in 1989, and then purchased by Brown & Brown (B&B) in 2005. Drew says that gives the company several advantages, including the ability to work with like-minded individuals and access to robust carrier partner relationships.

September 2021

Cybersecurity: Are Third-Party Vendors Increasing Your Risk?

Small to midsize businesses that handle financial data are particularly susceptible to cybersecurity breaches. As part of the insurance community, you most certainly have extensive measures in place to make sure customer data is secure in your organization.

August 2021

Should Workers’ Compensation Cover Medical Marijuana?

The legalization of medical marijuana offers people another option for pain management, but how does its availability affect the workers’ compensation industry, both in the treatment of the injured workers and in workplace safety?

July 2021

MGA Systems Leaders Give Insight on Future of Insurance Industry

Recently, we asked our CEO, Paul Areida, and our president, John Bennis, to share their views on current trends that will affect the future of the MGA niche of the industry.

June 2021

Ransomware Attacks: Where is the Weakest Link in Your Company?

Any business that deals with data – and the insurance industry handles a considerable amount – is ripe for attack by cyber criminals.

April 2021

COVID-19 Reveals Preferred New Way to Work

Even with numbers of COVID declining, he remote worker in the insurance niche seems to be here to stay.

March 2021

Ready to Expand Internationally? MGA Systems Makes It Easy

As Kofi Annan, the former United Nations Secretary General stated, “It has been said that arguing against globalization is like arguing against the laws of gravity.”

January 2021

4 Signs It is Time to Find a New Policy Administration System

One thing successful MGAs and program administrators do to prepare for a surge in growth is evaluate their technology, so that systems and software hum along with the pace of new business.

December 2020

The Importance of Penetration Tests and Vulnerability Scans

In the age of heightened cyber security, one thing you can do to protect your organization is to have penetration tests and vulnerability assessments performed on your computer infrastructure, including servers, network and even applications.

November 2020

Building a Powerful Rating Team

RPS (Formerly known as KDC Associates, LLC) is a multi-million dollar office of Risk Placement Services (RPSins.com). They operate like an MGA and have the ability to rate, quote, bind, issue and endorse policies. Focused mainly on general business, inland marine and auto, they now have a growing line of towing business. It currently accounts for about 50% of their business.

October 2020

Who’s Ready for CRIA?

In an article by the Lansing City Pulse released July 29, 2020 it was revealed that local Lansing, Michigan business "Soup Spoon Cafe,” which has a second branch in Williamston, lost a lawsuit in regard to a $650,000 interruption of business claim.

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