Insurance Management System

Custom Rating

The IMS framework is designed to integrate seamlessly with third-party rating products or to support development of specific program (slot rated) raters. Custom raters are fully integrated with the IMS. Rates and factors can be managed from a simple UI from within the system and tracked historically.

Dynamic Risk Clearance

Using dynamic search criteria, insured and/or policy records can be quickly located within the system based on name, mailing address, DBA, risk location, and other criteria. This approach ensures that data integrity is maintained and that all of the necessary information on a given risk is available to the underwriter within seconds.

Electronic File System

The IMS is designed to provide paperless file storage right out of the box. Whether documents are faxed, emailed, or scanned, the fully integrated electronic file system allows them to immediately be associated with a specific underwriting file. The system will accept any type of electronic file - it is now possible to have an underwriting file that not only includes typical business correspondence, but has the additional capability to include videos and sound recordings. Practical examples of the importance of this technology include audio taped depositions for claims files and video images taken during property inspections. These files are available for review by any user on the system with access to the underwriting files. These files can also be made accessible to external clients such as claim TPAs, carriers, and reinsurers.

Fully Integrated Accounting/General Ledger

Our insurance accounting system includes AR/AP, operating, cost center expense allocation, bank management, Direct-Bill reconciliation, and Automated NOC’s for non-payment of premium.

Invoice Creation

All invoices are created at binding of coverage (policy or endorsement transactions). The base system supports Agency Bill, Direct Bill (Company), Direct Bill (MGA), deposits, installment billing and multiple- office invoicing. All transactions are tied directly to the accounting system and all accounting records are updated in real-time.

Policy Issuance

Through a combination of built-in Microsoft Word integration and custom documents the IMS provides policy issuance capability tied directly to the underwriting process. Forms, conditions and warranties selected at quote time automatically become part of the policy issuance process thereby streamlining the process and reducing error count.

Quotations and Binders

All quotes and binders are produced by the system and can be printed, faxed, or e-mailed directly to the intended recipient. These documents are then automatically saved into the electronic file system.